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Dream Plan Do - I actually planned!

I am rubbish at planning. I dream a fair bit. I rather like organising ‘stuff’ but I hate planning me. My life, my business... it’s always been a kind of see what happens affair. I’m pretty good at organising myself through a busy workload, but it’s generally a short term goal (seasonal delivery deadlines, a client project etc). I need the surface design thing to start paying out soon and I have a ton of work to do to make this happen. I can’t afford to procrastinate or go off on a tangent. I bought the Dream Plan Do planner hoping to god that it wouldn’t be another motivational business book that has me bored by the third page. I’m on page 42 and I’ve actually written stuff down! I’ve finis

January Fog

I have brain fog. The weather is pretty awful at the minute and most days I look out of the window and see a dark, cloudy, rainy landscape, which pretty much sums up the state of my brain. It's like the Christmas holidays melted it and I lost any sense of direction. During the holidays I was full of flu, so that probably hasn't helped, but gaaghh I need a plan! I like to start the year feeling prepared... and I'm excited about 2018, but I have this list of things to do and I'm flitting from one thing to another without really achieving anything. January's to do list: * Tax return. Boo * Lilla Rogers Bootcamp assignment - Yay * Bonnie Christine iPad workflow course - could probably do this la

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