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January Fog

I have brain fog. The weather is pretty awful at the minute and most days I look out of the window and see a dark, cloudy, rainy landscape, which pretty much sums up the state of my brain.

It's like the Christmas holidays melted it and I lost any sense of direction. During the holidays I was full of flu, so that probably hasn't helped, but gaaghh I need a plan!

I like to start the year feeling prepared... and I'm excited about 2018, but I have this list of things to do and I'm flitting from one thing to another without really achieving anything.

January's to do list:

* Tax return. Boo

* Lilla Rogers Bootcamp assignment - Yay

* Bonnie Christine iPad workflow course - could probably do this later as it's an email course (I think!) - It's free, do it!

* Finish the rest of Make it in Design module 2

* Make a decent start on the rest of Make it in Design module 3

* Create. Just get creative and build up that portfolio

* I sensibly trashed my old website and started again 🙄 More work to build on that too (have a look around, any better?)

* We have 3 kids. 11, 8 and 19 months. Enough said.

* Oh and there’s a list as long as my arm of things we need to do to the house (big refurb project)

Then I think I need a plan for social media. Facebook groups are marvelous things... I have met the most inspiring fabulous people using the Make it in Design FB groups and now there’s a MATS Bootcamp group, but I notice this week that my entire feed is just full of group posts and I see nothing else! Where are my friends and family posts?! I love the groups (kinda loyal to the MIID guys), but I’m also starting to fret if haven’t been contributing. I think I need to allot myself a time once a day when I do my social media thing. Concentrate on the important stuff.

I have bought ‘Dream, Plan, Do’ by the inspiring Patricia van den Akker at the Design Trust (which also comes with a trusty FB group! 🙄) and it’s full of juicy planning tools... I’m working my way through it in the hope that with Patricia's help I can beat the January fog and crack on with the rest of 2018!

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