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Dream Plan Do - I actually planned!

I am rubbish at planning. I dream a fair bit. I rather like organising ‘stuff’ but I hate planning me. My life, my business... it’s always been a kind of see what happens affair. I’m pretty good at organising myself through a busy workload, but it’s generally a short term goal (seasonal delivery deadlines, a client project etc).

I need the surface design thing to start paying out soon and I have a ton of work to do to make this happen. I can’t afford to procrastinate or go off on a tangent.

I bought the Dream Plan Do planner hoping to god that it wouldn’t be another motivational business book that has me bored by the third page. I’m on page 42 and I’ve actually written stuff down! I’ve finished writing up my values, what I want to achieve long term, my 90 day juicy goal AND broken it down into monthly actions!

This kind of stuff usually bores the pants off me but the planner is so straight forward. Simple instructions with just the right amount of explanation and motivational blurb (and it’s written for creative businesses which is perfect).

I used to be a training manager and I’ve done the Covey and Maslow stuff and honestly it makes me roll my eyes a bit and skip a few pages. 

It’s never made me any better at planning. 

I need something that just tells me what to do in bite size chunks. Simple one page analysis that I can easily fill out on the sofa in the evening after the kids have gone to bed, then I can concentrate on designing during the 2 days a week that I have childcare. 

Thank you Patricia! The fog is clearing and it feels good. I’ve even planned in my monthly planning sessions... I hope I can keep this going!

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